Art and illustrations

Illustrations, drawings, custom techniques, story board

Masks for a play
Masks for "Elizaveta Bam" by Daniil Kharms, Russian avant-garde absurd play. I created masks reflecting personality of the characters while at the same time serving as decorations for the play.
Character Design, Set Design
All drawings: charcoal, paper 100 cm x 70 cm (27,7" x 39,5")
A grown up girl
Illustration for a friend's blog.
Drawing, Illustration
Art everyday
Art. Personal
Digital Art
Shoe box design
"Find a shoe in the picture" Shoe box design for high end European brand
Art Direction, Illustration, Packaging
On parchment
"Abraham and the Three Visitors", drawing on parchment It's like traveling back in time to 1300s-1400s with consciousness and certainty of a 21st century human being. No heaviness, gloom, monsters or scared faces. Simple. Light.
Illustration, Painting, Drawing
After suicide bombing in Jerusalem
"Tear-off calendar" animated movie
Personal project "Once, when I was a little girl, I had a tear-off calendar on my bedroom wall..."
Animation, Computer Animation, Drawing
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